1. "God’s “no” is not a rejection, it’s a redirection."

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    1. Focus on your positive qualities. It’s true that we can all improve in some ways – but start by finding your good qualities – and recognise that these are a major part of who you are.

    2. Be aware of, and fight against, your negative self-talk. Negative self talk can quickly snowball and become…

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    best thing in the morning


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    I’ve decided to make only one vow to you. From this day forward, I am always going to be honest with you because I love you.

    -Barney Stinson

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  5. "To Ted Evelyn Mosby, a man with more emotional endurance than anyone I know. It was a long, difficult road. Thank God we finally got here."
    — Lily Eriksen (via yvonnekahe)

  6. "We’ll always be friends. It’s just never going to be how it was. It can’t be. And that doesn’t have to be a sad thing. Look, there’s so much wonderful stuff happening in all of our lives right now. We’ve more than enough to be grateful for. But the five of us hanging out, being young and stupid… it’s just not one of those things. That period is over."
    — Robin Scherbatsky, How I Met Your Mother Finale. (via firlianisarah)

  7. "It’s love. I’m in love with her, okay? If you’re looking for the word that means caring for someone beyond all rationality and wanting them to have everything they want no matter how much it destroys you, it’s love! And when you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes, or call you crazy, even then, especially then! You just don’t give up, because if I could give up, if I could just take the world’s advice and move on and find someone else that wouldn’t be love! That would be some other disposable thing that is not worth fighting for… But that is not what this is!"
    — Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother, Season 9 episode 17 - Sunrise. (via firlianisarah)
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    15 TV Couples I Love

    7. Marshall and Lily

    Marshall, I love you because you’re funny and you make me feel loved and you make me feel safe and for our anniversary, you gave me a sweatshirt that says “Lily and Marshall: Rocking it since ‘96.” I kinda wish I was wearing it right now cause it smells like you. But the main reason I love you, Marshall Eriksen, is you make me happy. You make me happy all the time.

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    That Special Touch of Photographic Magic

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